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Congratulations on your new purchase!

Every so often we need to get in touch and need to know the best way to contact you.

To complete these details, you'll need some information from the letter we've sent you. If you've recently bought a property but haven't received anything from us yet, we'll be in touch soon.


Your new property

Where can you find it?

If your address doesn't appear in the search list, just type it in fully and submit.

We need to know where to send your bills and other important information. We can send them to your property or another address, but you can only have one mailing address per property.

If you'd like us to send your bills electronically, please select 'Send mail to my property address' below. You can register for eBill after you've submitted your details and then we'll email your bills each quarter. You'll can also register for Direct Debit if you'd like to have your bills paid automatically.

Ownership details

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