WaterFix® Concealed Leaks

If your water bill shows that your water use has increased, but you can't see a leak, you might need our WaterFix® Concealed Leaks service.

Our specialist team will be able to help identify leaks that are hard to find. WaterFix® Concealed Leaks comes with a market leading guarantee – if there is a concealed leak and we're unable to find it, the service is free.

Our WaterFix® Concealed Leaks service provides a full range of leak detection and repair services. Not all plumbers have the special tools and skills needed to find leaks hidden underground and inside walls.

Even if you use our service to find the leak, there's no obligation to use our plumber to fix it. Our plumber will quote for the work, but you're free to also get other quotes. 

Sydney Water plumber standing at front of house

Our plumbers provide a full range of leak detection and repair services.

What will the plumber do?

Our plumbers provide a full range of leak detection and repair services.

Our specialist plumber will:

  • check your property for obvious leaks
  • use specialised equipment such as pipe location devices, acoustic listening devices and techniques such as filling pipes with a safe gas
  • find any concealed leak and mark its location
  • offer a quote to fix the leak(s)
  • test any repairs you accept
  • remove any rubbish associated with the service.

What isn't included in the cost?

Our investigation cost does not include:
  • repairing the hidden leak
  • repairing any obvious leaks
  • restoring patterned concrete services, retiling and waterproofing
  • removing any trees. 

How much does the service cost?

The cost depends on how long it takes to find the leak.

From 1 July 2020, the costs are:

Fees Description
$410 First hour fee
$120 Each additional half hour fee
$240 Obvious leak fee (we may charge this fee instead of the first hour fee, if the source of the leak is obvious)

We’ll provide a quote for any required repairs, and encourage you to get alternative quotes from other licensed plumbers.

All charges, including any repairs you agree to are added to your Sydney Water bill. If the total cost is over $400, you can ask us to spread the cost over four consecutive bills (a $44 administration fee applies).

How can you book?

Call to book your appointment today. Our qualified plumbers are available between:

  • 7 am and 6 pm on weekdays
  • 8 am and 4 pm on Saturdays (Saturday surcharge applies. Read our Terms and conditions for details). 

1800 558 552 or send an email to concealedleaks@sydneywater.com.au to find out more.