Programs & resources

We offer tailored programs and resources to help you achieve best practice in total water management.

What we offer

Our rainwater tank calculator will help you: 

  • estimate how much water a rainwater tank could save your business
  • select the most suitable tank size for your needs.

If you're a business customer and have been assigned a Sydney Water relationship manager, we conduct regular meetings and can:

  • clarify your agreement with us
  • discuss monitoring your water meter to identify leaks
  • discuss how you can benchmark your water use to help achieve best practice 
  • help audit your water use to see how efficiently you're using water
  • discuss possible contingency arrangements so you're prepared for interruptions to the water supply 
  • explain our backflow prevention requirements
  • explain our requirements if you're redeveloping or need new connections to our systems. 
Sydney Water representative working with business customers on site

We offer a range of services and resources to help you manage your water use.

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