Meters in common areas

Extra meters are great for monitoring common areas like swimming pools, gardens, car wash bays and cooling towers.

Because you only need to install a main meter for all the common areas in your multi-level building, you can't easily monitor specific areas.

Extra meters are great for:

  • measuring the water used in specific areas, not just in one area
  • monitoring trends in water use
  • detecting possible leaks and pinpointing them to a specific area. 
When you develop a multi-level building, you must install a meter for each unit and a main meter for the rest of the building complex.

It's your choice to install extra meters to monitor the common areas.
Only buildings that comply with our Multi-level individual metering guide can have extra meters for their common areas.

These are the sizes you can install:

  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 32 mm
  • 40 mm
  • 50 mm light duty.

You must check that the size you want to install is appropriate for the rest of the plumbing.

Just ask your accredited meter supplier if they have the size you need in stock.

As many as you like. There are no restrictions.
Like any meter, only a plumber can install them.

After your plumber installs these meters, you must ask our accredited meter supplier to test them.
If the meters comply with our Multi-level individual metering guide, our accredited meter supplier will certify them.
The property owner or developer pays for the extra meters and the units' meters. They must buy them from our accredited meter supplier.

We only supply or install the main meter for multi-level buildings.

To get a main meter, simply apply for a water meter installation at Sydney Water Tap inTM.

If you install extra meters, the property owner will pay a quarterly fee for each one on their bill.

This is to read the meters, replace them in future and show the extra water use data on the bill. The fee depends on the meter size.

Meter size Quarterly fee 2019-20 (includes GST)
20 mm $7.19
25 mm $8.99
32 mm $9.58
40 mm $10.78
50 mm $12.00

Who owns the meter?

We do - as long as the property owner agrees to pay the fee. This means we'll continue to read the meter and replace it when we need to. 

If the owner stops paying the fee, we'll transfer ownership of the meter to them.

How do you stop this service?

The property owner just needs to email

We'll then stop:
  • reading the meter
  • showing the data on the bill 30 days later
  • charging the extra fee on the bill.

We won't replace meters in the future if we don't own them.