Meter readings

We read most meters once a quarter so we can calculate the water use charge on your bill.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) - How we're minimising the risk

We understand the need to protect both the community and our meter readers while we continue to provide you with essential services. During this difficult time, we've made some changes to ensure everyone remains safe.

Residential properties
Our meter readers will continue to read meters at residential properties if they can safely access the meter without entering the building. If we can't read your meter, we'll leave a card with instructions on how to do your own reading.

Non-residential properties
Our meter readers will not read meters in properties with vulnerable customers, such as hospitals, nursing homes and retirement villages, unless they can be easily accessed from the footpath.

They'll continue to read meters in shops and commercial premises as long as they can adhere to social distancing requirements.

Please note that our meter readers will carry gloves at all times, but use their discretion on when they are necessary.

If we visit your property and can't access the meter, we'll leave a card with instructions on how to do your own reading.  

If we don't have a current meter reading, we'll estimate your water use based on your average use in the past year. This may be slightly lower or higher than your actual water usage, but the total amount will balance out when we can safely read your water meter again.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your support and cooperation.


If we can't access the meter, we'll ask you to read it for us. We do this by leaving a self-reading card at your property.

We may not be able to read the meter if it's:

  • behind a locked gate
  • buried in concrete or dirt
  • hidden by trees, plants or grass
  • unsafe to enter the property, eg there is a dog.

Don't want a self-reading card?

If you don't want to read the meter, you can have a remotely read meter or install an Abloy utility lock.

Remotely read meter

For a one off fee, we can install a new remotely read meter that we read without going on your property. 

Apply now! 

Find out more about remotely read meters.

Abloy utility lock

If you prefer, you can install an Abloy utility lock if your meter is behind a locked gate or door. This will allow us to read the meter in future and keep your property secure.

When you read the meter, you need to write down:

  • the date of your reading
  • your contact number
  • your unique meter serial number
  • all the black numbers (they are white on Itron meters).

The black numbers on all meters are the kilolitres and the red numbers or dials are the litres. We only need the black numbers to calculate water use.

The location of the meter serial number varies between meter brands. This is where you will find the serial number on the meters we're installing now.

Elster meter with the dials open

Elster brand meters have the serial number stamped above the dials.

RMC water meter with the dials open

RMC brand meters have the serial number stamped on the rim.

Itron - water meter - dials open

Itron brand meters have the serial number printed at the bottom of the meter face.

You need to tell us the reading within three days if we've left a self-reading card. Otherwise we'll need to estimate your water use based on your past patterns.

If you've read the meter yourself, you can:

  • Tell us your reading online
  • call us on 9474 3700 Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm
  • send an SMS or MMS to 0478 308 922. Include your account number, meter serial number and meter reading in your message
  • post the card back to us.
If you're unable to read the meter, we'll estimate your water use based on your past use patterns. 

If this is not possible, we may base it on the use of similar properties in your council area.
If you'd like monthly bills, simply ask us to read your meter monthly. 

It costs $36.06 a quarter and the fee will appear on your first bill each quarter.

To arrange it, just call us on  13 20 92.
Staff member showing a customer how to read a water meter.

We need to read your meter. Please keep it accessible so we won't have to estimate your water use.