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We know it can be stressful if your circumstances have changed and you’re struggling to make ends meet. Find out how we can help you keep on top of your bills and stop them getting out of hand.

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Our friendly staff are based in Sydney and ready to take your call.

 What you can do

Need a bit more time to pay? If your bill isn't overdue, we can extend your due date for a short time.

Call 13 20 92 to use our automated payment extension service or to speak to one of our friendly staff.
If you'd prefer to pay your bills in small, regular amounts you can set up a payment plan and make regular fortnightly or monthly payments. As long as you keep to the arrangement, we won't charge you any late payment fees or interest.

Payment plans are a great way to help get your debt back on track or to even out your payments.

Call  13 20 92 weekdays to talk to us about paying your bill in regular instalments.
If you own your property and receive Centrelink payments, you can make deductions straight to your Sydney Water account. Simply call us on 13 20 92 to set up this free service for you.

If you're a tenant, call Services Australia (the Agency) or visit the Services Australia website for more information.

We offer a plumbing service called PlumbAssist® for customers who are experiencing financial difficulty and need essential plumbing work.

What is essential work?

This includes repairing or replacing leaking or broken toilets, taps, showerheads and pipes, and finding and repairing hidden leaks.

To qualify for this service, you must:

  • be the owner and occupier of the home that will receive the service
  • be assessed as eligible by a Sydney Water Customer Care case coordinator
  • live in a property with a Sydney Water meter
  • be unable to afford essential plumbing repairs.

For more information, please read our Terms and conditions or call us on  13 20 92 to see if you're eligible.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) - How we're minimising the risk

We understand the need to protect both our customers and plumbers while we're working together to save water.

When you book an appointment, we'll ask you if anyone in your household is self-isolating and if anyone has been in contact with someone who has been confirmed with COVID-19. The day before your appointment, we'll send you a reminder message and ask you to contact us if you or anyone in your home is feeling unwell.

Before each appointment, our plumbers will wash their hands with soap and/or use alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel before putting on new, disposable gloves.

They will also practice social distancing by maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres from everyone at all times.

If you receive an aged, disability or service pension or a government allowance, you may be eligible for a pension rebate on your bill each quarter.

You can either apply for a pensioner rebate online or call us on 13 20 92.

Apply now

BillAssist® is our customer assistance program for people experiencing longer-term payment difficulties.

Our qualified community service staff can help you manage payment difficulties or increasing bills and debt. Your dedicated case coordinator will:

  •  talk to you about your situation confidentially
  •  provide you with a range of support options and advice tailored to your needs.

If you’re having trouble paying your bills, call us on 13 20 92 weekdays and ask to speak to our Customer Care team.

We're here to help

In 2020, we:

  • received over 500,000 calls to our Customer Service teams
  • provided more than $900,000 in financial support
  • gave 15,000 customers extra time to pay their bills
  • set up 40,000 special payment arrangements. 
Our Payment Assistance Scheme (PAS) provides emergency relief to customers struggling to pay their water bill.

If you own and live in your home, or are a tenant who pays your own water usage (have your own meter) please call us on 13 20 92 or visit one of our community agencies for a confidential assessment of your individual circumstances.

Our qualified case coordinators, or one of our accredited community agencies, will talk to you about your situation and apply PAS credits directly to your Sydney Water bill if you're eligible.
If you're experiencing family and/or domestic violence, we want to help you when you need it - and make it as easy as possible.

All customers identified as experiencing, or affected by, family violence will be entered into our BillAssist ® program regardless of your financial situation.

We do this to create a single point of contact and to keep your details secure. Our Customer Care team is qualified to help either with your bill or with referrals to other support services.

For more information, read our Family violence assistance policy or call us on 13 20 92.

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Find out who to contact for other help and support

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There are a range of financial assistance, and counselling and support services available across Greater Sydney.

See support services

Apply for Payment Assistance Scheme (PAS) credits

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Don't want to contact us?  We've accredited community agencies across Greater Sydney to help us manage PAS credits.

See list of agencies