Report a leak

Spotted a leak? Water is a precious resource and we all need to save it whenever possible.

If you've seen water leaking in a public place, such as on a road or footpath, please tell us so we can investigate the problem. If the problem is urgent, or you're reporting between 11 pm and 6 am, please call us on 13 20 90.

Is the leak on your property or in your wastewater system?
  • If you have a leak within your house, please call a licensed plumber.
  • If you have a wastewater overflow, please call us on 13 20 90.

Contact details

(or any other number contactable Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm)

Leak details

Typically, this kind of leak looks like a damp patch or puddle of water on the road or footpath.

Report a leak - Puddle

If you've spotted a small leak, it may look like a puddle.

A slow flowing leak is like a trickle of water. Typically, the flow of the leak is quite slow - less than from a garden tap.

Report a leak - Trickle

A trickling leak may look something like this.

A fast flowing leak is typically faster than the full flow from a garden tap.

Report a leak - Flowing

A flowing leak runs faster than the flow from a garden tap

Typically, a major burst damages the ground and causes a major loss of water.

Report a leak - Major Burst

A major burst is quite visible and can cause a lot of damage.

Leak description